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However, almost one-third of the respondents encountered challenges when estimating the gross floor Product – EQol area (GFA), Emergency and some skilled confusion relating to the input of property use sorts and details into ESPM. Much of this City data was out there on-line after 2010; nevertheless, WBS had to look by way of microfiche recordsdata and the City’s database to obtain permit and plan history prior to 2010. Although constructing geometry, mechanical system sort and basic envelope information was consistently identifiable, 449 WBS discovered permit data gaps that prevented complete and accurate Asset Scores for a lot of the workplace buildings. The city used constructing building permit history to develop Asset Scores for a set of office buildings that reported energy efficiency for 2015 - the first year the town mandated energy benchmarking and reporting for business buildings 50,000 ft2 and bigger. The primary venture goal was to hyperlink power benchmarking information and commercial building permit data to analyze business buildings programs that present the perfect, particular opportunities to enhance vitality efficiency. The mission started with the commercial benchmarking knowledge obtained for 340 industrial buildings that submitted calendar year 2015 energy reviews. Portland’s project evaluated the appliance of the DOE Building Energy Asset Score Tool and score system developed by Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to commercial buildings that report back to town.

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Concurrently with the RIA team’s evaluation, the city labored with PNNL to estimate DOE Asset Score Preview (Preview) scores for 181 of the 340 industrial buildings that submitted ESPM stories to the town. As a part of managing the circulate of ESPM and Asset Score data for the challenge, Earth Advantage, a sub-recipient of the Cities-LEAP award, created a DOE Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) (USDOE 2018) occasion for the town and used Asset Score’s Application Programming Interface (API) (Asset Score 2018) capabilities to develop two new options within the SEED Platform: (1) automated Asset Score Preview ranges calculated based on benchmarking knowledge and the City’s estimate of number of constructing floors; and (2) storage of full Asset Score information. This historic knowledge was recorded using the net-based mostly Asset Score Tool, which evaluates the as designed energy efficiency of current buildings. If town decides to develop Asset Scores primarily based on constructing permit information in the future, WBS really helpful requiring lighting plans, management diagrams and as-constructed drawings that reflect how the buildings are literally constructed.